Fender Studio Sessions: Tristan Prettyman
Fender Studio Sessions

Tristan Prettyman


Learn To Play

Learn To Play

Fender Exclusive: Learn To Play
Featured Artist: Tony Alva

"I wanted to be in my brother's band and I wasn't good enough and he used to get so mad when I would even pick up the bass guitar and try to jump in. So I had to start my own band. It was punk rock music, because it was the basics. It was aggressive but at the same time it had power. And that's how I got into it and then I just started picking up a guitar and I kept playing and I started learning.

More than anything I learned from being in bands. I played with guitarists who were very accomplished guitarists and I had to keep up with these guys because If I couldn't cut the mustard, I was going to get kicked out of the band." - Tony Alva

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