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Classics are given that name for a reason. From the suave swagger of the 50s and kaleidoscopic grit of the 60s to the funky allure of the 70s, Fender is committed to preserving the iconic, timeless sounds of yesteryear. 

With the Vintera II Series, we’re giving players the ability to access this gold mine of sonic tones that continue to inspire. Own an updated spin on the instruments that have quite literally rewritten history. From the 50s Jazzmaster, Nocaster and P Bass to the 60s Tele and 70s Jaguar, these guitars have spawned music that will stand the test of time, whether it’s rip-roaring rock ‘n’ roll, exuberant funk or sweat-dripping blues.

The guitars and basses include striking, era-correct features for an authentic feel as well as the expressive, full-bodied sound that put Fender on the map. Our 50s models are complete with vintage-style, single-coil pickups for crystalline tone and tall frets for wide vibrato and are available in finishes like 2-Color Sunburst and Ocean Turquoise Metallic.

Check out Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham and former Prince guitarist Wendy Melvoin playing through the Flamingos’ swaying doo-wop classic “I Only Have Eyes for You" with Vintera II gear and float through the rich, vibrant sound of the 50s.

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