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Ferocious, forensic and forever remaking the hard-charging genre of his own creation, metal god Yngwie Malmsteen is the ultimate manifestation of a true Strat guru. 

“I don’t think I look at it as a guitar per se, I think of it as an instrument, as a compositional tool for musical expression,” Malmsteen says of our iconic guitar, which has been inspiring him to take his playing to otherworldly heights since he picked up his first Strat decades ago. 

Anyone interested in seeing Malmsteen’s incomparable guitar collection and learning how the Stratocaster shaped his innovative style should check out this installment of Strat Sessions, wherein he shares exactly what this instrument is capable of. Come for the story and stay for the pyrotechnics that only he can provide.

Watch the video above and check out the strat online to celebrate the Year of the Stratocaster.

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