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After meeting each other at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute in the early 2010s, Noah Yoo and Sedona Schat connected over their love of music. 

It didn’t take long before that shared passion turned into a shared project, as they began making music together under the banner of Cafuné. 

With alternative and indie pop influences, the duo released their first single, “Letting Go” in 2014, with several more tracks to follow and culminating in a full-length album entitled Running dropping in 2021. 

Through it all, it’s been the guitar that has fueled Cafuné’s rise. 

“I started playing guitar to facilitate my songwriting, which is very therapeutic for me,” said Schat. 

Yoo agrees. While picking up his Player Series Telecaster, he reflected on the iconic instrument that has influenced so many others. 

“For me, the most iconic thing about Fender is that it’s endured and influenced so much of guitar making,” he said. “When I play guitar in front of people, I feel much more free and comfortable in my own skin.”

See what the Cafunè pair has to say in the video above and check out the Player Series Telecaster and more here.

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