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Toronto-based producer and songwriter Luna Li (née Hanna Bussiere Kim) may have

started her musical career on classical piano, but she’s become a prolific creator and multi-instrumentalist, eventually moving on to the violin, harp, guitar, bass and drums. 

With a sound that spans rock, ethereal pop and classical, her debut album, Duality, is a testament to ability to transcend genres using whatever she decides to play. 

“It’s just so therapeutic for me to be able to express what I need to express,” she said. 

When the moment of expression calls for a guitar, the Jazzmaster is typically the first thing she picks up. “It feels like home and an easy place to start,” she said. 

But the pandemic brought even more instruments into the mix, which clearly showed on her 2020 EP, Jams, Duality and 2022’s Jams 2 EP. 

“I was stuck at home during lockdown, so I had to be the one to play everything,” she said. “It was a cool way to get more comfortable on a few instruments that I hadn’t really played before. It was really just me and the instruments.”

In an intimate look into Luna Li’s process, she offers a taste of the Player Series Jazzmaster and Precision Bass, hopefully inspiring others to start their own musical journeys — wherever they want to play.

“I think there’s something really intimate when it’s just me playing instruments in my room,” she said. “It’s a way to connect with myself. I think anyone should try to play an instrument.”

See what Luna Li has to say in the video above and check out the Player Series Jazzmaster, Precision Bass and more here

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