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“One of the best things about being a touring musician is being able to see the world.” 

This is the hard-won wisdom of Evan Craft, who has traveled endless miles in his career as a worship-singer, from Costa Rica to Spain and beyond. Signature songs like "Tu Señor," "Desesperado" and “Be Alright” reflect the affable and moving spirit of an itinerant artist whose gear is his livelihood.

Every day on the road is a new adventure, full of strange happenstance, sudden changes and the need for spontaneity and flexibility. With so many variables, there is no substitute for the sturdy reliability of an instrument whose sound you love and whose structure you trust. Bringing good vibes to the masses is a calling, but putting on great shows is a job. 

“I need something versatile,” says Craft, whose on-stage playing includes both heavy chords and delicate fingerpicking. “The Highway Series — the first time I got to plug it in was at a concert.” As many players know, acoustic/electric guitars can be notoriously temperamental. Craft noticed right away that his Highway Series model was going to provide the crisp live sound he required without developing a mind of its own. “Even though it has an acoustic hole, there was no feedback.”

The Highway Series’ feedback-resistant design is only one of the noteworthy features available on these road-ready models. The Fishman Fluence® pickup delivers seamless setup and the contour knob allows for easy blending between voices, while the thinner, lightweight ergonomic body makes for a comfortable playing experience, regardless of how long your set is. Plus, it makes traveling a breeze. As a performer who relies on his acoustic every night, Evan Craft understands this all too well. 

“(As a band) it’s our fear to put a guitar under the plane,” Craft confides, a sentiment known to traveling players everywhere. “And so to have something that is the size of an electric guitar that I can take and just sneak on as a carry-on, I’m all about it.”

With its ideal combination of playability, practicality and great sound, The Highway Series helps musicians to concentrate on what’s most important — connecting with their audience — while allowing them the freedom to put gear-driven anxiety on the back-burner. Now that’s the way to see the world. To see Evan Craft and the Highway Series in action, check out the video here, then grab the guitar that helps you get on the road and stay there. 

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