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Great music is timeless. By offering updated editions of some of the most iconic creations from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Vintera II Series provides tools for music-making that transcends genres. From the legendary Nocaster to the cult classic Jaguar, these models are identified with nearly every musical innovation from surf rock to post-punk.

Each guitar features classic colors, period-correct pickups, “C”-shape necks and rosewood fingerboards. By blending vintage features with modern playability, the Vintera II Series delivers golden age Fender tradition to a new breed of players.

Speaking of tradition: few artists typify the New York underground like Lou Reed. So, who better to pay tribute to the influential Rock & Roll Hall of Famer than fellow punk godfather Thurston Moore. In this video, Thurston teams up with kindred spirit Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail, whose captivating blend of songcraft and shoegaze has earned accolades from critics and fans all over the world. Their rendition of Reed’s 1972 hit “Satellite of Love” sounds as fresh now as that day over half a century ago, when a hip songwriter from New York watched a satellite being launched on live television and, in response, launched a song that made history. 

For this cover of the glam rock staple, Jordan plays the Vintera II Stratocaster, long one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved guitars. Thurston wields the Vintera II Jaguar, an evergreen indie favorite minted in the 60s but synonymous with adventurous 70s and 80s art rock and post-punk. Get inspired by this deep dive into 70s retro cool.

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