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Guitar modelers can be a headache. Often, their UI is so complex that it distracts players from what really matters—the transformative power of the music and the ability to achieve your desired sound. With the Tone Master Pro, Fender has taken the guesswork out of building your dream rig.

The Tone Master Pro empowers players with simple, drag-and-drop touchscreen controls, plus over 100 of the world's most popular amps and effects, so you can practically assemble your signal chain with your eyes closed. Whether it’s face-melting metal, foggy shoegaze or punchy power pop, this processor has all the bells and whistles to pull off the exact tone you want. You can customize footswitch assignments and work in Song and Setlist modes, and it’s also lightweight and stage friendly, which means you can bring it on the road.

This multi-effects guitar processor includes over 6,000 Fender-captured Impulse Responses with a variety of cabinet and microphone options for endless sonic possibilities, plus 10 proprietary footswitch encoders with dedicated LCD screens for easy parameter adjustments. It also comes with four external effects loops to integrate your favorite pedals and a 60 second Stereo Looper to maximize your creativity. At just under nine pounds, the Tone Master Pro is a compact but mighty beast, and it’s complete with Bluetooth® connectivity and a headphone jack for silent practice.

Watch Juno-nominated heavy metal artist and Spiritbox lead guitarist Mike Stringer dabble with the Tone Master Pro’s many presets and features, including the Auto-Swell Volume. Hear his go-to amp and the gritty tones he melds with this dynamic, beautiful device. 

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