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The Best Fender Back-to-School Gifts

Whether you or a loved one is going back to school, here is a list of some great Fender gear that can help the transition back to campus.

No matter if you or your loved one is beginning another year of high school or heading off to college, this time of the season is one that requires lots of preparation.

Needless to say, the right gear will ensure all students are starting off on the right foot.

To help make the transition back to campus easier for all music lovers, below is a list of some great Fender gear that will make the transition back to school more fun.

Redondo Player

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Fender's California Series of acoustic guitars are designed with comfortable feel and playability and eye-catching finishes.

The Redondo Player is a good choice for a student with a slope-shouldered body shape that boasts a rich, commanding voice that can fill any room. And that Electric Jade finish is sure to draw attention whenever you pick it up.

See the Redondo Player here.


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Lots of players have loved the Mustang's classic style, performance-oriented features and short scale over the years, including Nirvana and the 1975. And this version boasts all of those accoutrements along with modern electronics to help students play their favorite songs.

See the Mustang here.

Mustang Bass PJ

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Since its original release in 1964, the Mustang Bass has been played by bassists ranging from the Rolling Stones to My Chemical Romance. And with the power of P Bass and J Bass pickups giving this model thunderous tone to go along with a short scale and slick style, the Mustang Bass PJ offers versatility and compact size that fits well in students' hands.

See the Mustang Bass PJ here.

Affinity Series Stratocaster HSS Pack

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For anyone that wants to start playing guitar and grab the gear they need in one fell swoop, take a look at the Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster HSS Pack. Inside, you'll find a Strat with a fat-sounding humbucking pickup and two single-coil pickups for versatile tones. In addition, a Frontman 15G amplifier, a strap, a cable and picks are included.

See the Affinity Series Stratocaster HSS Pack here.

Venice Soprano Ukulele

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There are a lot of reasons a ukulele is a item to take to school — they're portable, easy to play and fun to name a few. What's more, Venice Soprano adds even more California coastal vibe to your new-year look.

See the Venice Soprano Ukulele here.

Stratocaster Bookends

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Want to keep a fresh load of textbooks from cluttering up a room? A set of Stratocaster bookends can do just that. Each one is crafted from the same materials used for Fender's legendary guitars made at the Corona, Calif., facility.

See the Stratocaster bookends here.

Stainless Water Bottle

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All students need to stay hydrated, and what better way to do so than with a Fender stainless steel water bottle. This stylish 26-oz. bottle featuers the classic Fender logo and is ideal for hot or cold beverages.

See the stainless water bottle here.

Parallel Universe Limited-Edition Posters

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The Parallel Universe Collection features out-of-this-world hybrids of many of Fender's famed body shapes. To accompany each limited-edition model, Fender collaborated with several excellent artists to capture the spirit of the Parallel Universe in a set of limited-edition posters. The poster above, from artist Ivan Minsloff, gave a sci-fi surf spin to the Parallel Univrse Jazz-Tele inspired by classic '60s movie posters.

See all of the Parallel Universe posters here.

'90s Collection Apparel

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To add some extra Fender style to any back-to-school wardrobe, check out the '90s Collection of apparel. The shirt above turns back the clock for Strat lovers with vintage tastes.

See the '90s Collection here.

Mouse Pad

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Add a dash of authentic Fender style to your workspace with the Stratocaster Mouse Pad. Its custom Strat-shaped appearance and brilliant permanently dyed imprint give it an eye-catching look that won’t crack or peel. The Stratocaster Mouse Pad can also double as a laptop screen protector.

See the Fender mouse pad here.