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A New Kind of Jazzmaster: The Parallel Universe Jazz-Tele

Go inside this incredible hybrid of a Jazzmaster and Telecaster and how it lets you play whatever music you want on it.

Fender's Parallel Universe Collection has introduced several mind-blowing models to the world that combine hybrids out of some of their classic platforms.

There was the Strat-Tele combination that, obviously, mashed up a Stratocaster and Telecaster. Then, there was the American Elite Telecaster HSS that super-charged an American Elite Tele with a mighty ShawBucker pickup in the bridge position.

Now, those instruments are joined in the otherworldly Parallel Universe by the limited-edition Jazz-Tele.

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The Jazz-Tele is a true amalgamation of a Jazzmaster and Telecaster, allowing you to play any genre of music with vintage-inspired sound and sensational aesthetics.

It starts with an ash Telecaster body, a classic resonant Fender tonewood that offers clearly chiming highs, well-defined midrange and strong low end.

Things lean in another direction with a Jazzmaster pickguard assembly, complete with Pure Vintage '65 pickups, which boast clean and clear vintage-style tone that can also give you an edgy snarl when needed.

The neck comes from an American Professional Jazzmaster, which features a 9.5" radius and narrow-tall frets to give it a comfortable feel while making it easier to bend notes without fretting out.

What's more, the American Professional tremolo and bridge assembly has upgraded Mustang saddles and barrels with different widths to match perfectly with the fretboard radius.

Throw in a premium nitrocellulose lacquer finish that lets the body breathe and ages gracefully, and the Parallel Universe Jazz-Tele is a truly distinctive instrument that mines some of Fender's classic DNA.

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