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Today, Fender announces the sixth annual class of artists joining Fender Next. As the guitar industry and its artists have evolved over the past six years, so too has Fender, recognizing and adapting to the changing needs of musicians. With Fender Next, we continue our legacy of supporting rising talent while celebrating the diverse and groundbreaking music they create.

"As we look to the future of players and creators, we're thrilled by the creativity and innovation they bring to the scene. Artists are blending genres and exploring new sonic territories while paying homage to and drawing inspiration from those who came before them," said Matt Watts, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Fender. "With this new group of talented artists, Fender is proud to provide support. I'm eager to witness the remarkable journeys and groundbreaking sounds that will undoubtedly arise from this collaboration. Here's to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of music together."

This year's Fender Next class includes 25 trailblazing artists from North America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Latin America that span genres, generations, genders and backgrounds, each elevating guitar in their own respective communities through unique personality and style. After an open call with over 1,000 submissions received from aspiring musicians and A&Rs across the country, the 2024 roster was hand-selected by Fender’s artist relations team as representative of the future of guitar and the wider industry.

Meet the Fender Next Class of 2024 in this video and check out our curated Spotify playlist of each artist's top singles

The Fender Next Class of 2024 Includes:

  • Adam Melchor (USA)

  • Billyrrom (Japan)

  • Deb Never (USA)

  • English Teacher (UK)

  • Fin Del Mundo (Argentina)

  • Gayle (USA)

  • Girl Ultra (Mexico)

  • Jalen Ngonda (UK)

  • Jawny (USA)

  • Joy Oladokun (USA)

  • Julie (USA)

  • King Isis (USA)

  • Lava La Rue (UK)

  • LÜCY (Taiwan)

  • Maya Delilah (UK)

  • Militarie Gun (USA)

  • Petey (USA)

  • Q (USA)

  • Royel Otis (Australia)

  • Spill Tab (USA)

  • TIMØ (Columbia)

  • Vacations (Australia)

  • w.o.d. (Japan)

  • Zach Top (USA)

  • Zion Yan (Mainland China) 

"Fender has been a part of my musical journey and has been with me since the beginning. I’m very grateful and excited to be a part of the Fender family with such talented musicians.” — GAYLE, 2024 Fender Next Class USA 

”When I was wanting to buy my first guitar, everyone suggested that I start with an acoustic. Instead, I chose a Fender Strat. Most of my favorite records were recorded with Fender guitars, so it’s always great to rock out with one.” — Jalen Ngonda, 2024 Fender Next Class UK

“Fender Next has selected some of the coolest musicians to date, and we're thrilled to be a part of it. Taking inspiration from Fender's long history and constant innovation in creating new sounds, we want to make a sound that is extraordinary.” — w.o.d, 2024 Fender Next Class Japan 

“We are absolutely chuffed to be part of Fender Next 24, there are some brilliant artists this year and to be part of the program is a real treat.” — Royel Otis, 2024 Fender Next Class Australia

“I am very excited to be admitted into Fender Next Class 2024. My first guitar was a Fender, and I have used Fender on so many works, including my own albums. I would like to thank Fender again for this opportunity!” — Zion Yan, 2024 Fender Next Class Mainland China

“As a young Mexican woman in music, it’s amazing to be part of Fender Next. I’ve always been a sucker for trying to find the perfect Fender tone by emulating my idols all throughout my discography. I really embrace Fender’s history within music and get inspired by all its seasons. As a female guitar player, it’s a dream come true to be part of Fender Next. Despite my relatively short journey, I've not only honed my skills but also discovered more about myself through my instrument.” — Girl Ultra, 2024 Fender Next Class Mexico

Fender will drive increased exposure for the new class of Fender Next artists through the brand’s award-winning content, advertisements and select social channels, which boast more than 16 million followers worldwide.

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