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When Fender released the Mustang GT Series in 2017, the WiFi- and Bluetooth-connected amplifiers represented a new and exciting tool that allowed guitarists to access unprecedented levels of creativity with a studio's worth of amp models, effects and presets all in a single box.

With artists and casual players alike contributing their own preset signal chains that could be accessed via user-friendly controls on the amp or the Fender Tone app, the Mustang GT line is perfect for those who want to experiment and those looking for a wide array for tones at their fingertips.

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Go behind the scenes of the Fender Mustang GT 2.0 update.

But that was just the first iteration of the Mustang GT.

Now, Fender has unveiled an update to the Mustang GT's firmware that includes new icons, simplified menus, an advanced needle-style tuner mode and updated graphics. There are also more controls to some of the effects - so you can fine-tune your sound and shape it to meet your vision - the ability to dial-in precise beats-per-minute and note divisions, making it easier to keep everything in synch while performing.

"This is an exciting, but unusual, launch for us, because it's not actually a new product," said Fender Amplifiers Director of Product Development Shane Nicholas. "It's the Mustang GT amplifiers that have been out for a while, but we've taken the last year updating the operating system, the features, sounds, amp models, effects and so much more."

The new operating system took a team of people that helped develop such advancements as three electric amp models and one studio-quality tube preamp model, a needle-style tuner mode, several new time and gain effects, and a tap tempo multi-delay interface.

To achieve this milestone, Nicholas and other Fender employees got their hands on the actual amps they were modeling to recreate those timeless tones.

"When we're modeling an amp, we go through stage-by-stage and verify that our model is doing the same thing that the original one did," said Fender Senior Project Engineer Brad Scaife. "We verify all the voltages are doing the same thing, the output is doing the same thing, to make sure that it's true to that amp."

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Dive deeper into all the new Mustang GT 2.0 updates in this playlist.

Nicholas also noted that the spirit and musical history of each amp was properly considered for the project.

"It's really neat that our co-workers and friends and stuff really bring in their cool amps - vintage Fender Tweeds and Blackfaces, other British amps and boutique amps," he said. "We listened to them all, and we don't just talk about the hardware and technical aspects of them. We talk about the music that was made on them."

Fender Amplifiers Product Manager Rick Heins is not only happy about the additional models and effects, but he thinks the preset storage and recall via Fender Tone cloud is a feature players will love.

"I'm an old-school metalhead, and I think the high-gain tones are some of the things I'm most excited about," said Fender Amplifiers Product Manager Rick Heins. The BR-100 sounds amazing to me. I love that we put the Bassbreaker 15 in there. It sounds great. The Mythical Overdrive is such a cool-sounding overdive when you mix that with a clean Fender amp.

"And the backup and restore, you can take all your presets and save them to the cloud, and then go somewhere around the world and open up a box and download it directly to have all your presets ready to go."

Ranging from classic Fender amps to in-demand, high-gain contemporary sounds, coupled with a slew of interesting new effects, the Mustang GT 2.0 update only increases your sonic possibilities.

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