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How to Update Your Mustang GT and Rumble Amps

It's easy to make sure your Mustang GT and Rumble amps are running the latest firmware.

Fender's Mustang GT and Rumble digital amplifiers can add a lot to your guitar and bass regimens, respectively.

Not only are they both WiFi equipped (with Bluetooth connectivity), they boast the ability to stream songs and loop a rhythm to elevate your practice. And with a wealth of built-in, studio-ready effects and presets (in conjunction with the Fender Tone app), both the Mustang GT and Rumble Series can inspire creativity as a player and songwriter.

But to ensure that your Mustang GT and Rumble amps are running at their highest level, you should update them upon purchase, in addition to checking for available firmware updates whenever there is an issue that might be fixed in a newer version.

Luckily, it's easy. Here's how:

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  1. Ensure your amp is connected to the internet over WiFi. You can use the Tone app to put the amp onto WiFi, or go to Menu > WiFi to set it up on the amp itself.
  2. Check the current version number by going to Menu > About This Amp.
  3. Power the amp off using the power switch.
  4. Hold down the encoder button and turn the amp back on. Continue holding for five seconds, and then release.
  5. The amp will now enter an updating process, where it will search for, download and apply the new update. Please do not unplug or disturb the amp or its network connection during this process.
  6. When the amp is successfully updated, the screen will read: "Amplifier update complete, please restart your amp," with a green checkmark.
  7. If your firmware is up to date, you'll see "No updates available."
  8. Turn the amp off and back on again to restart it. Return to Menu > About This Amp to confirm that the version number has been updated.

Now, in the event your amp is accidentaly powered off or interrupted during a firmware update, a failure message may occure that reads: "Amplifier Update Failed." If this occurs, the amp will require a full firmware update (that will not erase any of your preset data or settings) as described here:

  1. Turn the amplifier off.
  2. Press and hold the Encoder button and the left middle soft-key simultaneously and turn the amplifier on. Hold the buttons for at least five seconds and release.
    Note that this will take much longer than a simple firmware update. Do not interrupt this process.

Once your Mustang GT and Rumble amp is properly updated, you're ready to unlock everything these tone marvels have to offer.

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