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Walking through any music store, one is bound to see a bevy of acoustic guitars in natural and sunburst finishes.

But now, you can expect something - or things - even more eye-catching nestled among the acoustic assortment, courtesy of Fender.

That would be Fender's new California Series of acoustic guitars, a line that celebrates the brand's Southern California roots with vibrant, eye-catching colors and player-friendly appointments that are sure to inspire creativity.

"The California Series captures the true meaning of a Fender acoustic guitar," said Vice President Category Manager (Acoustics and Squier) Billy Martinez. "Everything about these guitars is uniquely Fender making them the ultimate tools for artistic creative expression.

"Whether you're at the beach or rocking out with a band on stage, we're offering players of all levels a chance to express their own creative style, standing out in the crowd with the bright colors and energy these guitars give off."

For those looking to make some new additions to their acoustic collection, here are five new features in the California Series you need to know:

1. Energetic Colors

The California Series boasts several vibrant and slick colors that boggle the mind, many of which were popularized in the electric gutiar world.

Who would have thought to make an acoustic gutiar in Cosmic Turquoise or Arctic Gold? What about Aqua Spalsh or even Candy Apple Red?

These acoustic models will draw attention anywhere, with other colors coming in with Matte Black (California Special models only), Hot Rod Red Metallic, Champagne, Rustic Copper, Electric Jade, Belmont Blue and Jetty Black.

2. Matching Stratocaster Headstocks

Everybody loves a matching headstock, and the California Series delivers, using the lively colors all over the guitars instead of just the body. What's more, they are all Strat-style

"We've don't it on some vintage models before, but it's something that we do on the electric side that I think translates really well when you add colors, especially in the acoustic world," Martinez said.

3. Fishman Preamp

California Series guitars are equipped with a preamp for incredible amplified performance with pure, rich and resonant tone.

On the California Special and California Classic models, the Fender- and Fishman-designed preamps are specifically tuned to complement the unique shape and voice of each body style, complete with tuner, frequency and phase controls.

4. Mahogany Necks

Many acoustic guitars come with a maple neck, but the new California Series guitars are equipped with mahogany necks that warm up the overall sound.

"You don't get the same tonal qualities from a maple neck to mahogany," said Martinez. "It's the same fit and feel, but more in line for what you do with an acoustic guitar. Maple is brighter, while mahogany will warm up the overall sound that an acoustic has."

5. Diverse Body Shapes

California Series models come three original Fender body shapes, the Malibu, Newporter and Redondo.

All of them possess refined geometry and unique bracing patterns designed for responsive, articulate tone. They are diverse body shapes that can give any guitarist a comfortable playing experience - from the small and narrow-waisted Malibu, ideal for recording, to the larger Redondo, suited for ensemble playing.

The Newporter, as seen above, features the best of both worlds, with a roomier lower bout that still has a smaller waist.

"You get the qualities of a small body and the boomier sounds of what you'd get from a Dreadnought while strumming," Martinez said of the Newporter.

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