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6 Unique Squiers You Need in Your Collection

Expand your sonic palette and add to your collection with this group of interesting and perhaps essential Squier models.

Fender’s Squier line of instruments aren’t simply meant for beginners looking for their first guitar or bass as they embark on their musical journey.

There is — and should be — a place in any professional musician or producer’s arsenal for one or more Squier models.

Consider the player who is curious about trying something new, but would rather dip a toe in the pool before diving in the Fender deep end. Or consider the player who has a spot on their instrument roster for something new and unique. Squier boasts several intriguing takes on guitars and basses that offer the opportunity to experiment with tone at an affordable price.

Below, check out several options in the Squier line that can help you explore new horizons without breaking the bank.

Affinity Series Stratocaster

The Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster is one of the best values in electric instrument design today. Delivering solid sound and slick style - check out the Race Red and Competition Orange finishes - combines the classic features that made the Strat a staple of rock 'n' roll with authentic Fender sound.


Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Custom

The Classic Vibe '70s Telecasdter Custom is a a faithful nod to the 1970s evolution of the Tele, when rock was coming out of the psychedelic '60s and punk began espousing its anti-establishement ethos.

The '70s Telecaster Custom - which was a favorite of the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards - is a sonic marvel with a Fender-Designed alnico single-coil and Wide Range humbucking pickups. This throwback Squier model also features 1970s-inspired headstock markings, rich-looking nickel-plated hardware and a slick vintage-tint gloss neck finish for an old-school vibe.


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Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ Pack

If you're looking for everything you need to get started playing bass in one convenient collection, the Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ pack is a great way to go.

Not only does it include a Precision Bass with both a split-coil P Bass pickups and a growling J Bass single-coil pickup for a variety of tones, it also contains a Rumble 15 bass amplifier, padded gig bag, strap and cable. Pick this pack up and you'll be eady to play in no time.


Contemporary Stratocaster HH

The Contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar with authentic vibe and style.

It boasts a comfortable slim "C"-shaped maple neck and narrow-tall frets for speed and effortless bends. And, the dual ceramic humbucking pickups give this Strat bite and power perfect for crunchy rhythms and soaring solos.


Classic Vibe Bass VI

Loved by many for its interesting tones, the Bass VI has famously been used by the likes of the Beatles, the Hollies and Cream.

Serving as a tribute to the original that was a secret weapon of producers and adventurous players, the Classic Vibe Bass VI is tuned an octave lower than a guitar and features a vintage-style tremolo. It's the prefect companion to accompany any guitar or bass player into uncharted territory.


J Mascis Jazzmaster

One of the most popular instruments in the Squier family, the J Mascis Jazzmaster takes the lead from Dinosaur Jr. leader J Mascis. With a Vintage White finish and anodized golf pickguard, this signature guitar is truly striking, and the two single-coil Jazzmaster pickups and classic dual-circuit ("lead"/"rhythm") design ensure that it can meet the standards of the alt-rock godfather.


This is just a small list of what Squier has to offer, from signature models to forward-thinking innovations to call-backs to the past. Take some time to explore and see if a Squier had a place in your collection!

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