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Upon listening to the music Lindsey Jordan releases under the name Snail Mail, it's clear that she has an appreciation of the indie rock pioneers that came before her.

Jordan's debut album, Lush, was rightfully met with critical and commercial acclaim for its searing, muscular guitar riffs and introspective, revealing lyrics.

And one of those pioneers that may have informed that 90's-throwback sound is Bilinda Butcher, vocalist and guitarist for iconic Irish alternative rock band My Blood Valentine.

Known for creating a genre rife with textural guitars and ethereal melodies (many have called it "shoegaze"), My Bloody Valentine informed generations of musicians throughout the 1980s and '90s and clearly continues to do so today.

Fender's new series, Under the Influence, dives into to those relationships, offering a platform for modern artists to shine a light on the inspirations that helped shape their careers.

"Bilinda has always been really cool to me," Jordan said in Fender's debut episode of Under the Influence. "She’s a huge part of the band that created shoegaze. There’s not that much about her on the internet. She just has this mysterious aura, but she’s this huge figure in my songwriting and my life."

Jordan even revealed that Snail Mail occasionally covers the My Bloody Valentine track "Drive It All Over Me" during their live shows.

"To me, a big part of what makes My Bloody Valentine Special is the sense of androgyny, this trade off between aggression and sensitivity," said Jordan. "The fact that they kind of meet at the middle is really beautiful."

Watch Jordan further discuss Butcher in the Under the Influence clip above, and visit Fender's YouTube channel for more videos.

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