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Not only is English singer/songwriter SG Lewis known for his massively popular remixes and production work with the likes of Dua Lipa, Jesse Ware and LANY, his 2021 debut studio album, times, also reached the top spot on the UK Dance Album charts.

His danceable vibes are perfect for getting the party started or keeping it going, making him a featured artist at some of the biggest clubs around the globe.

But what would happen if Lewis mellowed his sound with just an acoustic guitar?

He answered that question on this edition of Fender’s Re-Creation Remixed series.

Picking up an Acoustasonic Player Telecaster, Lewis offered a brand-new take on his hit single, “Chemicals.”

A certified jam, Lewis breaks it down to its core, something he’s never actually done before.

“It’s an electronic, disco song of sorts, so it was interesting to approach it from a different perspective,” Lewis said of his performance. “It’s just a case of simplifying it and identifying the key parts of the song … the chords and the rhythm in which they are played.

“It was fun to strip it back and present it in a different light.”

The result is a mesmerizing jam that highlights the acoustic capabilities of the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster and Lewis’ versatile songwriting chops. On the guitar, Lewis admitted he feels most at home. Here, it shows.

“A song can really be carried on the guitar alone,” said Lewis. “It’s one of the most important and valuable paint brushes you can pick up and choose to paint that picture with.”

Watch Lewis in action in the video above, and click here to shop the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster.

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