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Portugal. The Man is one of those bands that continually strives to push the limits of creation, whether it’s through a visual medium or in their songwriting.

“There’s something about music, or just art in general, that makes you want to create art,” said bassist Zach Carothers. “We realize more and more that it’s just something we have to do.”

The Portland-based indie outfit put their boundary-pushing sensibilities on display with Fender’s latest edition of the Player Plus Sessions.

Not only did PtM perform three of their hit songs — including the Grammy Award-winning single “Feel It Still” — frontman John Gourley and Carothers ran through them using the new Player Plus Meteora HH and Player Plus Active Meteora Bass.

Their creative side was on full display, as each Meteora model and guitarist Eric Howk’s Stratocaster were covered in neon paint that is common amongst the band’s instruments.

“I’ve always drawn on my guitars,” said Gourley. “You need to make it yours. My ADD manifests itself in a way where I need to be distracted by something. And also with stage fright, the more it will attract attention from (my face) to (the guitar).”

Aside from looks, however, both Carothers and Gourley were excited about the new possibilities of the Meteora and Meteora Bass.

“It’s fun, it’s something new,” said Carothers. “As a bassist, you can’t stray too far from what works, and this is the perfect amount.

“Fender’s the original. From the second I remember seeing guitars, the neck, the shape, all my favorite artists had that.”

Gourley concurred, noting, “There’s a feeling I get when I pick up a Fender guitar that I just don’t get out of other guitars.”

In addition to “Feel It Still,” Portugal. The Man also offered new takes on “Sea of Air” and “Live in the Moment” to round out their mini-set.

You can check it out in the video above, and click here to shop the Meteora HH and Active Meteora Bass.

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