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Your New Guitar Guide: Everything You Need About Your New Guitar

the ultimate guide to your new guitar

Got a new guitar? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you playing in minutes.

Acoustic or Electric?

Start with the basics. Get to know your new guitar.

acoustic guitar 101

electric guitar 101

tune up

tuning tips

  • Start with standard tuning – EADGBE.
  • Start from the low E string.
  • Learn the difference between sharp and flat.
  • Hold the note for more accurate tuning.

play your first riff

Play a Few Notes

Learn about frets and how to pick a string while fretting a note.

Play a Riff

Now that you know a few notes,
let's play some riffs.

Learn More About Notes

Here’s a quick guide to
the "musical alphabet."

learn easy chords

One-Finger Chords

G + C Chords

how to play chords together

Bonus: Easy Songs to Get You Playing

"Mannish Boy"
by Muddy Waters

Made famous by Muddy Waters, this Willie Dixon hit helps you practice quick changes with single notes, string muting and A5 and D5 chords.

"Bad Moon Rising"
by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This upbeat CCR classic adds steady alternate strumming to your rhythm guitar skill set, plus G, A and D chords, syncopated strumming and more.

"Pumped Up Kicks"
by Foster the People

This pop hit is a great way to learn the Em/D/A/G chord progression, downstrums on open chords and quarter- and eight-note strumming.

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