Saddle Height Adjustment Wrench (.050 Hex)

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Saddle Height Adjustment Wrench (.050 Hex)
9.49 €

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Setting up and maintaining your Fender® bridge assembly is easy with saddle height adjustment wrenches.

Package of twelve short arm .050" hex-style wrenches used for saddle height adjustment for most Fender guitar bridge assemblies.

Used with most Cyclone™, Classic, Deluxe, Vintage Player, Pawn Shop™ , Road Worn® (Mexico) and American Vintage, American Series, American Deluxe Series, Highway One™ , American Special (US) models.


  • Set of 12 adjustment wrenches
  • .050" short-arm design
  • Used on most Vintera, Classic, Deluxe, Road Worn®, American Vintage, American Pro and American Performer guitars
  • Fit most Fender guitar bridge assemblies