Bassman—the sound of musical evolution


You Heard It Here First

It was designed with the biggest shows and the largest stages in mind from the get-go. And for more than half a century, it's made its mark with a versatile voice that spans genres and generations. A Bassman is the rig of rock 'n' roll royalty.

These amps can be seen in the world's largest venues. They've appeared in music history's most iconic studio sessions. They still serve up the same tone and head-turning good looks as they did more than 50 years ago. Bassman Pro heads and cabinets are the most tonally sophisticated, sonically powerful and eminently versatile bass rigs Fender has ever offered—the go-to amplifier choice of bassists from every point on the musical spectrum.

Bassman Pro Amps
Corey Britz

Corey Britz Plugs In

The Rig the Pros Use
Pure All-tube Tone
Blendable Overdrive
A Voice You Can Hear