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The Legendary Joe Strummer played guitar with an intensity that cut like a knife with raw energy and passion in every intense swipe at the strings. He was the embodiment of Punk culture and a crucial component to its development. Best known for his work with The Clash, Strummer and his bandmates were a major part of creating punk rock and has inspired countless other bands to this day.

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The Joe Strummer Campfire guitar is inspired by the legendary campfires that he held at Glastonbury Festival and are now continued annually in the Strummerville area at the festival. Everyone was invited to join the party, with Strummer encouraging a loose assembly of people to his “campfire” to bond by the rising flames until dawn. 

This small-body acoustic-electric guitar is the perfect companion for gatherings of any size and to continue Strummer’s legacy of bringing people together through music. Boasting a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides, the Campfire reflects Strummer’s legendary aesthetic with its matte black finish, nickel hardware and star inlays


Celebrate Joe Strummer’s unparalleled style and substance with this collection of signature accessories – featuring a “Know Your Rights” tribute pick tin, “Know Your Rights” tribute strap, 13ft drab green signature cable and a faithful replica of his famously used saddle strap.

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