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If your electric guitar strings look dirty, consistently sound dull or have broken, it might be time to change them. While some musicians love the sound of broken-in strings (not broken strings), others love how strings sound right out of the pack.

Still, in order to change your own strings, you need to know how to do it. Luckily, it's not difficult.

In this video, Fender's John Dreyer, Fender's Manager of Content Development and Production, runs you through the steps that you need to know when not only taking your old set of strings off your guitar, but also putting on a fresh set that will get you sounding the way you want.

Dreyer breaks down the best techniques for installing new strings on a guitar with both modern and vintage tuning pegs (there is a difference), in addition to how to deal with a string-through body vs. a stop tailpiece.

Looking for some additional help? Watch this in-depth, beginner-friendly video by Fender Play Instructor Matt Lake!

And don't forget, once you have your new strings on your guitar, you must tune it up, which can be accomplished with the free Fender Tune app, Fender's online tuner or any of Fender's digital tuners. Check out this introduction to Fender Tune which now includes Tune Plus, the ultimate guitar player’s toolkit. Signup for FREE access today! No credit card required.

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