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In 2018, the Parallel Universe Collection spliced the DNA of Fender's notable guitar and bass models to create new instruments that were truly out of this world.

There was the Strat-Tele Hybrid, the Whiteguard Strat and the '51 Telecaster PJ Bass, just to name a few of these mind-bending creations.

Now, Fender is further exploring the boundaries of space and time with the Alternate Reality Series, a limited-edition run of models where multiple Fender design clues are mixed and matched within a single instrument.

"The Alternate Reality Series continues our recent tradition of creating limited runs of uniquely compelling guitars with interesting body styles and tonal configurations," said Fender Vice President of Electric Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers Max Gutnik. "We look forward to players of all genres and backgrounds making music as inspired and imaginative as the instruments themselves."

Beginning with the high-octane and tonally versatile Powercaster, which launches in March of 2019, the Alternate Reality Series will include six new and unusual instruments with one foot in the past and eyes to the future.

Want to wrap your head around these cosmically cool additions to the Fender line? Take a closer look at the entire series below.

The Powercaster (launching March 2019) features the giant sound of an Atomic humbucking pickup with the articulate voice of a single-coil soapbar pickup, giving this guitar's tone a bit of an edge - perfect for slashing through a dense mix. A roasted maple neck and sweeping pickguard adds some visual flair to this unique instrument.

The Sixty-Six (launching April 2019) has a unique visual style, which makes a bold statement with its down-sized Jazz Bass body. The flexible HSS pickup configuration can crank out anything you ask, from fat leads to funky rhythm tones. Combining vintage-inspired appointments with modern, player-oriented features, it's packed with a ton of useful, unique sounds.

The Meteora HH (launching May 2019) sports a sleek body shape that carries on our tradition of arresting aesthetic design. The sound is as propulsive as its visually stimulating lines - it wants to roar on stage, thanks to the two fat-sounding Player Series humbucking pickups. With its retro-modern offset body shape, the Meteora HH has guts and grace.

The Electric XII (launching July 2019) designed for performance with dual split-coil pickups, a special 12-string hardtail bridge and a three-position pickup selector, this jangly offset will definitely get attention onstage.

The Tenor Tele (launching August 2019) is a modern take on the four-string tenor guitar, with a huge sound that belies its small size. Tuned to the same pitches as the top four strings of a six-string or any of a number of popular alternate tunings, guitar players will feel right at home on this fun-to-play tiny Telecaster.

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