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With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to find that perfect gift for dad, one that will make his weekend special.

But what about thinking outside the tie box this year? What about a new guitar? Or perhaps an accessory or amplifier to go along with it?

Here are some interesting ideas that will surely make your pops smile:

With two Tim Shaw-designed humbucking pickups voiced specifically for their position, the American Professional Stratocaster HH Shawbucker is a little hotter than the traditional Strat single-coils. Plus, it boasts all the accoutrements of the American Professional Series, like narrow-tall frets and a new “Deep C” neck profile.

A tonally versatile performer with a unique (for a Tele) three-pickup design, the Deluxe Nashville Tele comes straight from the home of country music, perfect for a father that wants to match growl with trademark Tele twang.

Sometimes, a new type of instrument will spark inspiration. Get your guitar-playing padre a Standard Jazz Bass and see where that takes him. If he already plays guitar, it shouldn’t be too tough of a transition, and he could find an entirely new way write songs.

For an experienced papa bassist, a good upgrade could be an American Professional Precision Bass. The P Bass is the original electric bass, but this version features a single Michael Bump-designer V-Mod split-coil P Bass pickup along with the venerable ’63 P Bass neck profile.

Nothing will de-stress dad like the sound of a new acoustic guitar. The PM-1 Standard Dreadnought might be a good place to start. Its larger size will be a great fit, and its 14 frets and narrow nut make it ideal for strumming.

An electric guitar needs an amplifier, and Fender’s new Mustang GT Series offers a world of possibilities and innovation. The world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amp, the Mustang GT 100 is loaded with a studio’s worth of authentic amp and effects models accessible through on-board controls and the exclusive Fender Tone app.

Likewise, pairing the right bass amp with a bass is key, and the Rumble 100 bass combo has been re-engineered to be astoundingly compact, portable and lightweight, without sacrificing seismic Fender bass tone and stage-worthy features.

In the case that your dad is a gigging musician, a set of Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors can take his performance to the next level. From the deepest lows to clear, singing highs, the monitor mix comes alive with the help of custom drivers, a groove-tuned port and a 3D-printed housing for excellent comfort.

Another great gift for a gigging father—or even one who does a lot of public speaking—is the Passport Conference. Easy to transport and set up, it is ideal for small to medium-sized audiences with full-range speakers and user-friendly front-panel controls.

Guitars need straps, right? They definitely do if dad wants to stand up and play. This tweed strap adds a touch of vintage nostalgia, paying homage to one of Fender’s most popular amp coverings.

Let your father show his Fender pride with this sharp black cap sporting the classic Fender logo in the same color.

Keep your father’s library upright with bookends sporting the classic Tele body, made from the same materials used for Fender’s legendary guitars from the Corona, Calif., facility.

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