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When the Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster was born in 2019, it cracked the code of giving players a guitar that could offer reliable acoustic and electric tones.

Now, Fender has taken the lessons learned from that revolutionary innovation and implemented them into the next phase of the Acoustasonic Series - the American Acoustasonic Stratocaster.

The Acoustasonic Stratocaster offers both acoustic shape-shifting and bold Strat-inspired tones in one sleek package. It's a perfect partner in the studio or on the stage.

But, it's also important to know that the Acoustasonic Strat is not a clone of the Acoustasonic Telecaster in a different body. Each aspect of its construction was considered to serve players an authentic Stratocaster experience, mixing state-of-the-art technology with the familar feel and playability of this iconic body shape.

"I think it's important to realize that Fender didn't just take all the sounds that exist in the Acoustasonic Tele and stick them in an acoustic Strat," said acclaimed producer and composer Sean Halley, who gave the Acoustasonic Stratocaster a hard look in the video above. "The entire design of the guitar has been created so everything works together."

"There are hundreds of hours that make sure this guitar has its own distinct personality that's separate from the Acoustasonic Tele."

The Acoustasonic Stratocaster features all-new tone woods and voices with even more electric possibilities. Along with three unique electric voices on the selector switch, the Acoustasonic Stratocaster also adds all-new acoustic options, including short scale and concert body with a slotted headstock.

“We are proud to continue expanding our most sonically innovative platform with the American Acoustasonic Stratocaster,” said Fender Acoustic Division Vice President Billy Martinez. “Following in the footsteps of what Fender accomplished over 70 years ago, it was a natural and authentic progression for us to start with the Telecaster model and then offer a Stratocaster counterpart with its own unique voices.

"We can’t wait to see what musicians, both Strat enthusiasts and acoustic fans, will achieve in their creative process with this new range of voices the Acoustasonic Stratocaster unlocks.”

Designed with a fully-hollow body and Fender’s patented Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS), the American Acoustasonic Stratocaster offers a new sonic experience that is naturally loud and resonant both on and off stage. This hybrid guitar features an Acoustasonic Noiseless magnetic pickup that delivers a unique set of Stratocaster-inspired voicings and hum-free Fender electric tone, that can be played solo or blended with an acoustic voice to create new sounds.

The Fender- and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine powers the Acoustasonic Stratocaster and provides a new body style and tone wood combinations that enable musicians to curate an all-new collection of acoustic and electric voices. This contemporary guitar also features a mahogany Stratocaster neck with an ebony fingerboard and thin line body that makes it both comfortable and easy to play.

“We’ve removed all the obstacles associated with playing an acoustic guitar, giving players those same sounds with an electric neck and comfortable thin line acoustic body – all in a familiar Strat body shape,” Martinez added. “At the same time, this guitar still gives you all the tonal options you would get in a Dreadnought, concert or auditorium acoustic guitar.”

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