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Searching stores and online outlets for the perfect gift can be a daunting task.

But while it might not fit in a stocking, a guitar has the ability to make anyone light up once they see that headstock poking out of the wrapping paper.

To help inspire your holiday shopping, take a look at this list of nine reasons to give a guitar.

1. Inspire a Musical Mind

Do you have kids, a young sibling, a niece or a nephew? Not only will a six-stringed present add an instant boost to their cool quotient amongst their friends, but it will also make you an even cooler role model.

2. Upgrade a Player’s Collection

Chances are that if you know a musician, there is one guitar—or seven—on their all-time wish list. The Jaguar player that has wanted a Johnny Marr Jag. The Telecaster enthusiast who's been dreaming about owning an American Pro II Model. The right guitar could make their dreams come true.

3. Learn a New Talent

The guitar is pretty simple to pick up at any age. Luckily, Fender Play offers the easiest way to learn guitar, with bite-sized lessons and a guided curriculum path led by world-class instructors. And, there are hundreds of songs available that you can learn in minutes from genres like rock, blues, folk, country and pop. Click here for a free trial.

4. Decompress

Once someone learns a few simple chords playing guitar can be a great stress reliever. Whether strumming on the front porch lost in your thoughts or mindlessly on the couch, it’s a great way to simply escape.

5. Free Expression

Feeling angry? Throw on some metal and play along with some crunching riffs. If there is a love interest out there, why not try to pen your own ballad? Got the blues? There’s a genre of music literally named after that emotion.

6. Stimulate the Brain

According to Dr. Anita Collins, Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Education at the University of Canberra, playing the guitar – or any musical instrument, for that matter – can lead to sharper brain function.

7. New Travel Buddy

When it comes to getting around with your instrument, the guitar is pretty easy to take anywhere. Fender has a few models that are perfectly portable, including the Malibu and the California Coast Series of ukuleles. Just grab the guitar or uke, throw it in a gig bag and hit the road.

8. Add Some Art

Even if you’ve got someone in mind who doesn’t necessarily play the guitar yet, a guitar can be a collectible piece of art. Whether it’s a vintage or new guitar, one that can add a splash of color to a room like a Capri Orange Player Strat, or even one used as a canvas for a painting or mosaic, some guitars you just want to frame.

9. Make It Personal

Who said a guitar has to be a present to someone else? You’ve been a good boy or girl all year long, right? Treat yourself for once with a prize you’ll cherish forever. And hey, maybe throw in that cool strap you’ve been eyeing, too.

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