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How a Modeling Amp Can Help You Record

Here's why you should take the Mustang GT for a spin when you're laying down your own tracks.

The Fender Mustang GT amplifiers are both great for the stage and practice, but they can also be excellent tools for recording new music.

It's a creatively rewarding experience, and the Mustang LT25, Mustang GT 40, Mustang GT 100 and even Mustang GT 200 offer many features that will make that process easier and more efficient.

Here are three ways the Mustang GT will help your home recordings:

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Using the Looper

Included with the Mustang GT 200, the MGT-4 footswitch doesn't just let you select the various onboard presets and effects from the floor and allow you access to the tuner.

You can also use it to unlock the Mustang GT's powerful onboard looper to create a textural backing track to whatever song you're working through. That will give you the opportunity to make a bass and/or rhythm foundation to jam over the top of and see what ideas work and what don’t.

Easily Explore Different Effects

The Mustang GT line is preloaded with a plethora of modeled amps and effects available at the push of a button, allowing you to seamlessly scroll through a multitude of sounds without having to physically reconfigure a bulky pedalboard and mess of wires.

“You can sample yourself playing a riff and just scroll through the different presets to find the right one that sounds good in the track,” said Fender Amplifiers Product Development Manager Rick Heins. “You can find the right sound that you're looking for, especially when you're looking for certain amp tones to pop out in the mix. It’s an on-the-fly process that helps you fine-tune your amplifiers and EQ.”


All Fender Mustang GT USB connectivity tor computer and record. What’s more, the GT 100 and GT 200 are equipped with XLR outputs to link to a workstation.

That goes a long way into streamlining the recording process while maintaining a solid reproduction of sound. And of course, that’s not to mention the headphone jack for practicing and recording without waking the neighbors.

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