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Raw and Refined: Inside the Parallel Universe Tele Thinline Super Deluxe

Limited-edition Western flair meets classic sound in this out-of-this-world instrument.

Fender's Parallel Universe Collection has mined the DNA of many of their timeless guitars to create otherworldly hybrids, like the supercharged American Elite Telecaster HSS and the Jazz-Tele combo.

Now, the Parallel Universe has reached into the cosmic depths of the storied Telecaster Thinline with the Tele Thinline Super Deluxe.

Initially debuting in 1968, the Thinline featured a hollowed-out Telecaster body with a single f hole and an elongated eye-catching pickguard that extended from the neck pickguard down to the lower bout to encompass the pickup switch and both control knobs.

But the Parallel Universe model boasts much more, as noted by ace songwriter and producer Butch Walker.

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The Tele Thinline Super Deluxe takes things up a notch with a pair of rich-sounding TV Jones Classic pickups to go along with the controls of the model's traditional semi-hollow design.

Upon feeling this guitar for the first time without the use of sight, Walker noticed the familiar knobs and switch.

"It feels like Tele controls. I'm used to that," he said with a laugh. "The thing I'm not used to doing is playing blindfolded."

Walker gets a surprise is when he starts playing, however, as the TV Jones pickups kick out fat, punchy tone with bite and growl.

"It's very light, but it sounds great," he said. "I love the pickups."

Additional premium features includ a bound rosewood fingerboard, an elegant double-bound body and an American Professional Tele Deluxe bridge with a vintage-style strings-thru-body configuration to insure accurate intonation.

"It's easy to play for anybody at any level and any size hand. It's a fun little machine," Walker concluded.

Shop the Parallel Universe Tele Thinline Deluxe here.