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5 Great Amps for the Beginning Guitarist

Check out a few amplifiers that are perfect for those just starting to play guitar.

If you're a beginning electric guitar player, you might be in the market for an amplifier to match your instrument. After all, you need something to project the sound picked up by the guitar's pickups to the world (or at least to your own ears).

To aid your decision, here is a list of five amps for those just beginning their guitar journey:


Compact and stylish, the Frontman 10G is a perfect practice amp that is easy to use. A gain control and overdrive switch allows you to run from tube-emulated overdrive to ultra-saturdated distortion for blues, metal and rock.


The Mustang I (V.2) brings a wealth of built-in effects, USB connectivity and Fender FUSE software that will spark your imagination. It includes reverb, delay, chorus and tremolo, among many other effects, in addition to various amp models voices for specific styles.


The Champion 20 boasts 20 watts of power and a 8" Fender Special Design speaker with straightforward controls, cool effects and versatile amp voicings that give you the opportunity to dial in the sounds you're looking for, be it rock, blues, country, metal or jazz.

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Meanwhile, the Champion 40 ups the ante or it's 20-watt sibling with 40 watts and a 12” Fender Special Design speaker.


The new Mustang GT40 brings a studio's worth of authentic amp and effects models accessed via onboard controls and the exclusive Fender Tone app. The Bluetooth-equipped Mustang GT40 also has WiFi connectivity, making downloading the latest updates, accessing Fender artist-created presets and connecting with a community of other creative players a snap.