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For the three years that the American Acoustasonic® has been out, we’ve seen how people are playing these instruments and what they really want out of them. We felt it would be a good augmentation to the line to have a simplified version.

It’s a sonic paintbrush that people use to create in any way they choose to do so. This instrument offers more than most guitars.

Magic happens when singer/songwriter Conan Gray picks up a guitar.

As evidenced by his hit 2020 album, Kid Krow, his soulful voice and impressive feel, Gray knows how to craft deeply personal narratives with his words and strings that belie his young age of 22.

“I think, to me, guitar has just always been a way for me to write songs, a way to speak my thoughts into music,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the guitar, I don’t think I’d be sitting here today.”

What might happen if the California-born, Texas-raised artist had a shape-shifting instrument like the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster in his hands?

You’d be right if you guessed magic.

As Fender announces the launch of the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster, with its streamlined switching and powerful Blend Knob allowing all players to seamlessly access authentic acoustic and electric tones, the Re-Creation video series provides an excellent avenue for Gray to showcase his talents.

In the Re-Creation Remixed debut, Gray offers his own take on the Weeknd and Arian Grande’s blockbuster collaboration, “Save Your Tears,” breaking it down to its heartbreaking basics.

“It’s a pretty sad song,” Gray said. “I wanted to strip it to the roots of what they wrote about.”

To follow up that stunning performance, Gray also pulled out one of his most introspective songs, “People Watching.”

The gut-puncher is about observing a potential couple from across a room, narrating the thoughts that went through his mind as love was budding.

Watch Conan Gray in action in the video above, and click here to shop the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster.

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