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The Haim sisters have been a musical family since they were kids. 

With Este on bass, Danielle on guitar and drums, and Alana on guitar and keys — and all of them on their beautifully harmonized vocals — they’ve traveled the world, headlined the biggest festivals and sold out arenas. 

It started at an early age with the family band, Rockinhaim, and has since grown into the global phenomenon Haim. 

Through Grammy Award nominations and critical accolades, the one constant has been their love of playing live instruments. Attend any live Haim show, and you’ll witness them performing their pristine rock songs while taking the lead on guitar or bass. 

This approach was ingrained from an early age. 

“Our dad would take us to a music shop and we would play all the guitars,” Este said in a recent Fender interview. 

In fact, Fender instruments were “dream guitars” from the start. 

“It’s just such a classic sound and one that we've always loved on our albums,” said Danielle. 

Watch Haim discuss their love of Fender guitars and basses in the video above, and learn more about the Player Series here.

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