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Even though he’s been a cast member of the hit show Euphoria for a year, the role of actor wasn’t Dominic Fike’s first passion.

The Florida native was a musician first — a hobby started by making beats before eventually moving on to playing acoustic and electric guitars on his first EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos in 2018.

Fueled by the success of the single “3 Nights,” that release helped him surge to the top of the charts around the world and become a streaming dream for its genre-bending sound and irresistible hook.

Since then, Fike’s released a pair of full-length albums, including 2023’s Sunburn, performed at the latest Coachella festival and been featured in the blockbuster film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Looking back, he credits the guitar as a muse.

“When I started playing music, it was just the guitar,” he said. “I didn’t even sing. So it’s always something I’ve used as a voice … like a secondary voice.”

Fike, who is currently on a widespread North American tour, noted that his Player Stratocaster is one of those instruments that’s always there when he needs inspiration.

“I start every song on the guitar,” he said. “It’s just so versatile tonally. You can kind of do anything you want with a Strat, which is why I typically start with it.

“I think these are shape-shifters. I’m always thinking of myself in relation to this thing when making music.”

The Player Stratocaster’s comfortable Modern “C”-shaped maple neck, Fender-designed pickups and versatile controls help keep him at the top of his game. Pair those features with fresh colors like Buttercream, Tidepool and Capri Orange, and it’s a recipe that will help any creator.

“When this feels good, it’s the best feeling in the world,” he said of his Strat.

Watch Fike talk about his love for the Player Series Stratocaster in the video above, and learn more about the Player Series here.

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