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Known for his eclectic influences and self-directed videos, Teezo Touchdown is an artist with a clear vision that jumps out of the speakers and screen.

So when he was tapped to participate in Fender’s Player Plus Sessions, you could guess that he would come up with something epic. What came out of his episode surely delivered.

The clip begins outside of a club, where Teezo meets a connection dealing all manner of slick threads out of the back of his van. But there’s two other items Teezo asks for — a bass and a band.

Luckily, those exist in the van, as well. Not only do a guitarist, drummer and keyboard player emerge from the rack of clothes, but there’s also a Player Plus Active Meteora Bass.

Jump cut to the blacked-out side alley, and Teezo is ready to jam with his newfound friends, adding some metal vibes to his tracks “Bad Enough,” “Rooting for You” and “Mid.”

With actual nails tied in his hair and accenting his vest, Teezo’s creativity is undeniable.

“I think confidence, happiness, creativity all comes in waves,” he said. “If I knew where to find it, I would probably overdose on it. I’m just steadily searching for it. If I knew where to find it, trust me, I would be there.”

During his interview, Teezo also talks about traveling back to his hometown of Beaumont, Texas, from Los Angeles in 2019. That was the year his father got him a bass from a pawn shop. Now, it’s one of his favorite instruments, and the Meteora Bass is one that fits his style perfectly.

“I definitely want something that looks cool, and it has to be loud,” he said. “I love the cut. It’s smooth, like a 1964 Impala or something.”

You can watch Teezo Touchdown in action in the video above, and click here to shop the Player Plus Active Meteora Bass.

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