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Fender Next is Fender’s artist development program, designed to support emerging artists that are moving guitar forward in music and culture.

In 2022, Fender has partnered with 25 artists of diverse genres, nationalities and identities for the program from a pool of hundreds of submissions. Over the course of the year, Fender provides these artists with gear and support to showcase their work, amplify their voice and introduce their music to new fans.

“As a storied brand in the music industry, it’s our responsibility to continually use our platform and resources to uplift artists early on in their careers,” said Evan Jones, CMO of Fender. “We’ve continued to invest in all aspects of the artist experience so that Fender can offer a full suite of support to new players and veteran guitarists alike. The 2022 Fender Next class is an exceedingly creative bunch that represents a diverse span of musical genres, and each has found unique ways to connect with audiences to share their talent with the world. Like many Fender Next artists who have come before them, these acts will go on to lead and define the industry, and it's our honor to help them pilot their legacies.”

In its first three years, Fender Next has recognized and empowered talented artists who have gone on to critical acclaim and commercial success. With nearly 10 Grammy nominations between them, Fender Next alumni have gone on to win CMA awards (Ashley McBryde), BRIT Awards (Little Simz, Holly Humberstone and Sam Fender), as well as countless other accolades and honors.

This year's Fender Next class includes 25 rising artists (12 North America, 2 Australian/Aboriginal, 4 European, 4 Asian, 1 African, 2 Latin American artists) across genres, generations, genders and backgrounds that are elevating guitar in music and culture. After an open call and a record number of 850 submissions from the public and A&Rs across the country, the 2022 roster was hand-selected by Fender’s best-in-class artist marketing team, who identified a group of artists that each have developed their guitar-driven music in new and exciting directions

“For over 75 years, artists have been at the center of everything that we do,” said Matt Watts, SVP of Marketing at Fender. “From global touring acts that sell out arenas to new players finding their voice on social media, Fender guitars have been a fixture in bringing music into the world. The proliferation of Fender products allows us to reach millions of people across the globe through countless albums, stages, and platforms. Fender Next is our commitment to wielding this influence to bring new perspectives and sounds into the industry. This year, in particular, we are especially excited to see more Latin music represented in our lineup and can’t wait to see what these artists create with their new Fender gear.”

This year's Fender Next group includes 25 rising artists across genres, generations, genders and backgrounds that are elevating guitar in music and culture. The Fender Next Class of 2022 Includes:

• 100 Gecs (USA) • Alewya (UK) • Anly (Japan)

• Bruses (Mexico)

• Budjerah (Australia/Aboriginal)

• Chris Renzema (USA)

• Claud (USA)

• Dijon (USA)

• Dylan (UK)

• Ed Maverick (Mexico)

• Fool and Idiot (Taiwan)

• Ian Munsick (USA)


• Jun Xiao (China)

• MAY-A (Australia)

• Mereba (USA)

• Paris Texas (USA)

• Ryokuoushoku Shakai (Japan)

• Self Esteem (UK) • Shannon Lauren Callihan (USA)

• Still Woozy (USA)

• Teezo Touchdown (USA)

• The Cavemen. (Nigeria)

• The Linda Lindas (USA)

• Wet Leg (UK)

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