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The B minor chord is a great chord for beginners who are ready to add some new sounds to their ukulele practice. In this lesson, we’ll go over the notes that make up the B minor chord, how to play this chord in three different positions, and a couple of songs you can practice that contain this important chord.

Lesson: How to Play a B Minor Chord

The B minor chord on the ukulele is made up of three notes:

  • B

  • D

  • F#

This chord is based on the B minor scale. It contains the root note, B; the minor third, D; and the perfect fifth, F#. Like all minor chords, when you strum it you’ll notice that B minor has a more melancholy sound than the major chords you’ve already studied.

Minor chords and minor scales sound different thanks to one small change in the third note in the scale. The minor third is a half-step lower, or flat, from the major third. The change to this note gives minor chords and scales their distinct sad sound.

You can play a B minor chord in many positions on the neck of your ukulele. No matter where you play this chord, it’s always composed of these same three notes.

How Do You Play a B Minor Chord on Ukulele?

To show you how to play the B minor chord on your ukulele, we’ll verbally break down each finger and fret position, and we’ll also be looking at some ukulele chord charts. Ukulele chord charts visually represent the four strings on the fretboard of your ukulele:

G = The fourth string C = The third string (lowest tone) E = The second string A = The first string (and highest-tone string)

Unlike the guitar, where strings are in a descending order, the lowest-toned string on a ukulele is actually the third string.

You’ll also find numbers and other symbols on these charts that show you where to put each finger to play the B minor chord properly.

Index finger: 2nd fret of the C, E, and A strings Ring finger: 4th fret of the G string

We’ll look at three different positions where you can play the B minor chord, starting at second position, then moving up the neck of your uke.

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B Minor Chord on Ukulele: 2nd Position

To play the B minor chord in 2nd position, use your index finger to barre the C, E, and A strings at the 2nd fret. Then, place your ring finger on the 4th fret of your low G string.

Index finger: 2nd fret of the C, E, and A strings Ring finger: 4th fret of the G string

Strum all four strings to hear the B minor chord in 2nd position

Songs That Use the B Minor Chord

Practicing the B minor chord in all three positions is a great way to build muscle memory in your fingers and train your ear to hear this chord in high and low tones. But, the best way to practice this chord is by learning songs that use a B minor. Strumming along to these songs will help you practice transitioning in and out of the B minor chord.

When you’re thinking of minor chords, the jaunty Christmas classic “Frosty the Snowman” probably doesn’t come to mind. However, “Frosty” combines B minor and A minor with cheery major chords G, C, and D to create an upbeat holiday sound. This song has a simple strum pattern so you can focus on the chord changes in your fretting hand.

For a moodier sound and more intricate strumming techniques, try Radiohead’s “Karma Police”. This alt-rock classic has A minor, E minor, and a handful of other chords. Try strumming along to this one once you’ve studied all the chords it contains and you’re ready for a strumming hand workout.

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As always, if you want to master the B minor chord on your ukulele, regular practice is essential. The more you play this popular chord, the more natural and easier the proper finger placement and technique will be. When you’ve got a handle on the B minor chord, you’ll probably want to study even more chords. Sign up for a free trial with Fender Play to take more ukulele tutorials, tips on technique, and songs to practice as you continue your ukulele journey.