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As Game of Thrones heads into its eighth and final season, Fender has teamed up with HBO to create three masterbuilt guitars. The trio, dubbed the Game of Thrones Sigil Collection, includes the Game of Thrones™ //Embedded banner:GOT-insert1-tele||//||

The guitar also boasts a maple neck with ebony fingerboard, a hand-cut and engraved sterling silver Direwolf sigil inlay on the first fret in addition to an embossed nickel silver version on the pickguard.

D. B. Weiss, who serves as creator of Game of Thrones alongside David Benioff, thinks it’s befitting of the noble Stark family.

“The Telecaster seems like it’s the instrument the good guy plays,” he said. “It’s the instrument the Sherriff plays. The Starks have that integrity, that Northern no-nonsense approach, and it feels like a Telecaster embodies that.”

The Game of Thrones //Embedded banner:GOT-insert1-jag||//||

“The Lannister Jaguar has a fancier feel,” said Weiss. “I remember as a kid, the Jaguar was the Fender that had the most ornamentation and embellishment on it, and I feel that the Lannisters are a very gold-plated house.”

The Game of Thrones //Embedded banner:GOT-insert1-strat-2||//||

“I have literally hundreds of hours of drawing and manipulating the scale work,” Thorn said. “I wanted to change the angles of the scales and the size of the scales. Once all the programming was done, it took eight hours on the face and 11 hours on the back to get the scales done. And I still went in with a chisel and added more detail. It’s very random, but it really looks organic.”

It also carries a vintage-style six-screw tremolo to achieve dragon-like dive bombs.

“If you’re going to have a dragon guitar, I think you’re going to need a tremolo,” said Weiss. “It seems like what Daenerys (Targaryen)would play if she had time to play guitar.”

Not only do the guitars look stunning, they sound that way as well thanks to hand-wound pickups by Fender Custom Shop Master Pickup Winder Josefina Campos.

The Stark Telecaster contains two howling ‘50/’51 Blackguard single-coil pickups, the Lannister Jaguar has a pair of rich Fat ‘50s single-coil Strat pickups and the Targaryen Stratocaster breathes fire through three Texas Special pickups.

The Game of Thrones Sigil Collection took an estimated 300-plus hours to create, with over 100 hours dedicated to each individual instrument, making them worthy of the Great Houses they represent.

See more details of the House Lannister, Jaguar here, the House Stark, Telecaster here and the House Targaryen, Stratocaster here.

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