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A Day in The Studio with Butch Walker

Watch acclaimed songwriter/producer Butch Walker create a brand-new composition in his studio with the American Acoustasonic® Jazzmaster®.

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Not only has Butch Walker produced a bevy of hit records from the likes of Taylor Swift, Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Adam Lambert, the Georgia native also has an extensive and acclaimed solo career.

Walker’s musical genius spans all genres, and it was recently put to the test in the latest episode of Fender’s A Day in The Studio series.

Teaming with recording engineer Søren Hansen, Walker brought cameras inside his current home studio in Nashville to show what it takes to create a fully composed track from scratch. Going into the situation, Walker had only one inspiration.

“I kind of picture ‘80s Tears for Fears,” he said. “That’s the vibe I wanna go for on this, I think.”

From there, the American Love Story artist took his American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster to lay down a riff and melody over a drum track before adding keys and bass. Walker showcases the layers of sound the Acoustasonic can deliver by using both its acoustic and electric tones, even adding a heavy dose of a chorus effect to give the song more texture.

Check out the full episode above, and click here to learn more about the American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster. Click here to shop the American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster.