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Fender Tone App – Control your amp with One-Touch

An All-New Interface Now on Tablet and Desktop

Built for Sonic Exploration

The free Fender Tone application allows you to access over 10,000 presets with intuitive one-touch control over your contemporary Fender amplifier. Download, share, modify, backup and restore to expand your sound – all within Tone.

Available for both iOS & Android mobile and tablet devices, as well as Mac and Windows desktop computers.

Cutting-Edge Design

An all-new 3D interface offers the realistic look and feel of Fender’s most iconic amplifiers and pedal effects.

Signal-Path Flexibility

Find inspiration exploring new and unique sonic combinations without the fuss of tangled cables.

Real-Time Interactivity

Hear every change you make as you craft your sound with hassle-free sync between your device and amplifier.


Connect via Bluetooth with:
• Mustang GTX100
• Mustang GTX50
• Mustang GT200
• Mustang GT100
• Mustang GT40
• Rumble Stage 800
• Rumble Studio 40


Connect via USB with:
• Mustang LT 50
• Mustang LT 25
• Rumble LT 25