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American Acoustasonic® Stratocaster® vs Telecaster® | Fender


The American Acoustasonic Series embodies the spirit of innovation that Fender was built on. From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones, these powerful guitars deliver new sonic expression from the studio to the stage.



• The classic Telecaster body construction is thin and comfortable with an open-pore satin finish.

• A modern forearm bevel offers ease of playability.

• Our Patented Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS) uses a “waterfall” design to control the flow of air into the body, creating a naturally loud, resonant voice when unplugged and providing the foundation for the Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine.

• The solid A Sitka spruce top is available in five classic Fender finishes: Black, Natural, Sonic Gray, Sunburst and Surf Green.

• 2-piece bookmatched Mahogany body.


• The legendary Strat body shape is sculpted for comfort and playability.

• Integrated back body contour and modern forearm bevel.

• The SIRS system has been updated, repositioned and resized specifically for the tonal characteristics of the Strat body shape.

• The Acoustasonic Stratocaster's Solid A Sitka spruce top comes in three new finishes: Dakota Red, 3-Color Sunburst and Transparent Sonic Blue.

• 2-piece bookmatched Mahogany body.



• Features 8 voicings of the most popular acoustic guitar styles in recorded history.

• From a full-bodied Spruce/Rosewood Dreadnought (an Americana staple) to a Walnut small-body parlor, this guitar delivers all the classics in one stage-ready package.


• With 2 distinct electric voicings in one instrument, the Acoustasonic Tele sets a new standard for what a guitar can do.

• The ability to blend between acoustic and electric tones in Position 2 offers a double-tracked effect similar to classic mid-century studio techniques.



• The Acoustasonic Strat builds on our revolutionary voicing technology to affect new guitar construction parameters.

• For example: Start with a classic – like the full-bodied Mahogany Dreadnought in Position 5A – and hear the harmonic complexities as it shifts into a tone that recalls a slotted headstock, short-scale Rosewood Concert model in Position 5B.


• Leans slightly more electric with 7 acoustic voicings and 3 electric tones.

• When paired with the sound and style of our most iconic body shape, the Acoustasonic Stratocaster is capable of blistering solos, gritty power chords and delicate finger-picked acoustic runs.


• A 5-way Voice Selector and shape-shifting Mod Knob combine to unlock infinite sonic possibilities.

• Sturdy, twangy and punchy, this guitar offers an undeniable Telecaster feel.

• Features a standard horizontal Tele control layout with dome knobs.


• While the Voice Selector and Mod Knob offer the same amount of flexibility as the Tele, the Strat's voicings are laid out in a complimentary manner for a more "Set-It & Forget-It" switching experience.

• A Strat-slanted switching layout (with skirted ebony knobs) is designed to move from acoustic strumming to clean/dirty electric tones with ease.