Hot Rod IV Amplifier Series

From stage to studio, the Hot Rod Series is played by more artists than any other amp line. Updated with key features and tonal upgrades. Built for those who crave legendary Fender tone and need something that can stand up to the rigors of the road.

Blues Junior & Pro Junior

At 15-watts each, these little dynamos crank out sizzling tone at less than ear-splitting volumes.


Blues Junior IV

One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV adds preamp circuitry modified for robust, powerful low end, smoother-sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics to the package. A 15-watt favorite in any setting, this amp features a 12” Celestion speaker and a 1-button footswitch for FAT mid boost.

  • 15 watts
  • Celestion 12" A-Type speaker
  • Includes 1-button footswitch

Pro Junior IV Ltd.

Long-revered by players of all stripes, the 15-watt Pro Junior IV LTD is a straightforward amp with killer tone. Featuring a 10” Jensen speaker, it combines tighter bass response with a modified volume circuit featuring a unique clean-to-dirty volume control that reacts to picking dynamics, “cleaning up” as you lighten your touch. Classic lacquered tweed covering, vintage-style grill cloth and a leather handle complete this compact powerhouse.

  • 15 watts
  • Jensen® 10" P10R speaker
  • Volume circuit modified for more gradual breakup

Deville™ & Deluxe™

Ranging from 40- to 60-watts, these powerful amps have plenty of headroom and can get loud.


DeVille 212 IV

After listening to feedback from hundreds of players, we’ve redesigned the Hot Rod DeVille 212 IV, updating it with modified preamp circuitry for smoother overdrive, enhanced note definition, smoother-sounding spring reverb, lightweight pine cabinet and updated aesthetics that any player can appreciate. This scorching 60-watt 2x12" combo delivers the goods and then some with hot-rodded power and performance to spare.

  • 60 watts; Normal, Drive and More Drive channels
  • Dual Celestion® 12" A-Type speakers
  • Includes 2-btn btn-primary footswitch and cover

Deluxe IV

A legendary amplifier that’s been the heart of many guitarists’ rigs, the updated Hot Rod Deluxe IV is a 40- watt combo amp featuring smoother-sounding spring reverb and modified preamp circuitry for smoother overdrive and increased note definition. Inside, it features a 12” Celestion A-Type speaker, plus a lightweight pine cabinet to make load-in and load-out a little easier.

  • 40 watts; Normal, Drive and More Drive channels
  • Celestion 12" A-Type speaker
  • Includes 2-btn btn-primary footswitch and cover