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Learning scales can feel like a lot of work for little return. Honestly, you won't get a lot of adulation for jamming endless scales. But the truth is, learning your scales is essential. And with minimal investment, the rewards will be major.

Here are seven reasons to suck it up and learn your scales:

1. Develop Your Ear

Learning scales will help you recognize the relationship between notes and the location on the guitar. Essential for just about anything you do on guitar.

2. Build Finger Strength

Walking up and down the fretboard will help your ability to learn songs, riffs and leads by learning to move quickly between the notes of a scale.

3. Learn Songs Easier

Learning songs is much faster if you practice scales because you will know how to find the notes you need to play.

4. Start Shredding

Many solos and riffs have notes and patterns that come directly from a scale.

5. Learn Chords Faster

Chords are constructed with the notes in a scale, so you’ll start to gain awareness of how to build them on your own.

6. Write Some Songs

Scales provide a framework that you can use to create melodies for original music.

7. Read Music

The first step in reading music on the guitar is knowledge of scales.

As you start to see the benefits in action, you’ll get motivated to continue practicing scales.

Where to begin? The major scale is the big one, so make sure to start here. But if you want to start soloing, the minor pentatonic will have you on your way. And here's the perfect lesson to get you going.

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