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When Fender released the Mustang GT Series of amplifiers equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, in addition to compatability with the app, history was made.

This revolutionary innovation unlocked an immense amount of creative potential for guitarists who could access hundreds of amp and effect models in a single package, essentially making the Mustang GT Series a new and exciting addition to an artist's arsenal.

But what about the bassists out there? Shouldn't they have an amp that can take their tone to previously unheard levels?

Enter the new Fender Rumble Studio 40 and Stage 800. Inspired by traditional Rumble amplifiers, the Rumble Studio 40 and Stage 800 boast digital functionality and preset options (with the companion Fender Tone app) related to their Mustang GT siblings, opening new doors of inspiration for bassists of all levels.

"We wanted to bring the positive feedback we got on the Mustang GTs to the bass world," said Fender Amplifiers Director of Product Development Shane Nicholas. "It's about creative expression. A lot of the motivation is so bass players can have fun. With 100 or more presets, there's going to be something in there that will make players say, 'Wow.'"

The two new Rumble models offer two different sizes of sound, depending on the venue.

The Rumble Studio 40 is ideal for recording enthusiasts, home players and beginners alike, with its light weight and portablitiy. What's more, with 40 watts of power, it fits right in with smaller gigs. The Rumble Stage 800 is at home on any sized stage, as it's Fender's current strongest high-end bass combo.

"We thougth the 40 with the 10" speaker was small enough to make sense in a studio or bedroom situation, but if you had to play with a guitarist, it's got enough guts to give you a full bass tone," Nicholas said. "The 800 should be loud enough to play anywhere. You just have options, dending on where you want to play."

Adding to the Rumble Studio 40 and Stage 800's lighter weight and portability are the Bluetooth and WiFi connection and access to the Fender Tone app, which features different amplifier models and presets that closely recreate famous tones throughout the ages.

And that's not to overlook how tinkering with one of the new Rumble models could spark a new idea, just on its own.

Through the Fender Rumble Studio 40 and Stage 800, it truly is a new frontier for bassists around the world looking to push the limits of their low-end partner.

"At the end of the day, if a product inspires you to play new music or come up with a new lick, to get you to think differently and play differently, that's a great thing," said Nicholas.

"It's about having fun. To me, that's the most powerful of all. You can emulate the sounds of your heroes, and you can get through a wedding gig where you have to go from Metallica to Madonna. But if it inspires something new, that's the best of all."

To learn more about Fender's Rumble Series, click here.

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