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Combining Two Classics: Inside the Parallel Universe Jaguar Strat

See why this hybrid guitar offers the best of both worlds.

From the American Elite Telecaster HSS to the Troublemaker Tele to the Jazz-Tele combo, the Parallel Universe Collection has consistently mined Fender's DNA to create special hybrid instruments that you won't find anywhere else.

The Jaguar Strat is definitely one of those gems.

This limited-edition guitar is a sleek take on two of Fender's most popular and game-changing models, combining the best of both the Jaguar and the Stratocaster.

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The Jaguar Strat starts with a streamlined alder Strat body with a premium lacquer finish, with all the body hugging curves that players have fallen in love with for over six decades.

The neck, however, is something in between. Boasting a distinctive Jaguar headstock, it also features a 25.5" scale for a true Strat scale length, a "Deep C" profile that gets a thicker in your hand as you go towards the higher frets and a 9.5" radius with narrow-tall frets, making it easier to dig in and bend notes without fretting out.

The electronics are also "hybridized."

A Strat-style five-way switch allows you to choose between several configurations of the bright and aggressive Pure Vintage '65 Jaguar pickups (it should be noted that there are two neck pickups in the middle and neck positions).

And for an extra set of options, the upper control plate has a switch that can activate all three pickups or just the neck and bridge pickups together when the five-way switch is in the middle position.

The wheel on the upper plate controls the tone on the bridge pickup, while there is a master volume and a tone control knob for the neck and middle pickups.

What's more, the American Professional Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge features a vintage-style floating tremolo with a lock button and a 9.5”-radius to ensure your strings match the fingerboard’s arc. The pop-in arm stays in place and the tension can be adjusted to match your preferences.

Needless to say, this instrument sounds as killer as it looks, as it has everything that made you fall in love with both guitars.

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