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Amplify Your Practice Sessions with the Mustang LT25 and Rumble LT25

These new amplifiers are ideal for beginners and students.

Whether you're a guitar or bass player (or both!), finding a small practice amplifier that is both easy to use but powerful enough to deliver high-quality tones can be a challenge.

But Fender's new Mustang LT25 and Rumble LT25 have solved that issue.

These two fresh Fender amps are ideal for beginners and students, with a light weight and a slew of features perfect for those budding musicians.

The Mustang LT25 boasts a super-simple user interface and a collection of 50 presets covering a wide range of music — a “greatest hits” of electric guitar tones.

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The versatile signal chain with high-quality onboard amp and effects models produces amazing tones, making it a great practice amp for home or office for those that don't require the signal-path flexibility and wireless connectivity of Fender’s Mustang GT amps.

“The Mustang LT25 has very high-quality sounds in it, but is designed to be extremely easy to use,” said Fender Director of Product Development (Amplifiers) Shane Nicholas. “Even a beginner can simply spin the preset wheel and find sounds for any kind of music.

"This is the first guitar amp in this price range that has the luxury of a full-color LCD display. This, along with the simplified control set, helps users to navigate or write presets with very little effort, and they probably won’t need to read the manual.”

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Its cousin is the Rumble LT25, another practice amp with easy-to-use features and great bass sounds. The Rumble LT25 has 50 presets that covers just about any bass tone you'd want, all packaged in a simple control set.

It also has a versatile signal chain with high-quality onboard amp and effects models.

“Our Rumble series amps have been extremely popular for years,” said Nicholas. “Given its wealth of bass-specific amp tones and effects, the luxury of a full-color LCD display, and a simplified control set, the Rumble LT25 is the ideal practice amp for your home or office. Loud and full-sounding, we packed a ton of performance into a small package.”

Shop the Mustang LT25 here and Rumble LT25 here.