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The Edge Signature Stratocaster® & Deluxe™ Amp

Sonically Iconic

Celebrating the additon of The Edge signature Strat® and DeluxeTM amp to the Fender Signature Series. Watch the Fender Edge mini documentary below.

The Creation of the Edge Strat and Deluxe Amps


Enthralling millions worldwide with his acclaimed textural guitar work—as well as his knack for writing catchy riffs and hooks—U2 guitarist, The Edge, relies on his trusty Strat guitar to sculpt his unique sound. Designed in close collaboration with Fender®, The Edge Strat is his new constant companion, replacing his favored vintage Fender instruments onstage in arenas around the world.

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Tweaked to the discerning tastes of U2’s renowned guitarist, The Edge Deluxe is the perfect complement to his signature sound. A stalwart Fender amp user for decades, this signature model is an updated take on the classic ’57 tweed Deluxe used to craft his sonic identity on stages and in studios around the world. Whether played clean or crunchy, this amp produces the tone and articulation of the vintage Fender Deluxe amps that are an important part of his complex multi-amp and effects setup.

The Edge Deluxe Amps