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Fender Play Foundation

It is the mission of the Fender Play Foundation to equip, educate and inspire young players.

We work with organizations, educators and artists to support our communities.

Fender Play Foundation works with organizations, educators and artists to support communities through equipment donations, personalized instruction and artist experiences. Operating under the belief that music is the universal language that empowers self-expression and community building everywhere, the Fender Play Foundation strives to place these powerful tools in the hands of youth who aspire to play.

The Foundation is focused on three pillars:

Equip: Ensuring educational institutions, schools and organizations have the gear required to support youth-focused music

Educate: Providing support and learning tools to young players through our digital learning program, Fender Play and in-person instruction

Inspire: Exciting the next generation of players though community-focused initiatives in partnership with Fender Play Foundation Artist Ambassadors





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