original design. fender tone.


From passion project to Fender first, comes an original family of effects pedals. Designed from scratch in Southern California and packed with epic tones, these pedals present innovative features and unique twists that bring a new level of inspiration to your pedalboard.


LED-illuminated knobs show your control settings at a glance—even on dark stages. Don’t want to see the lights? Not a problem—they’re switchable.


Designed by our in-house team of experts, these are all-original Fender circuits. We let real, live musicians kick them around, took their feedback to heart and refined them until everyone was satisfied.


Every Fender effects pedal is crafted from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum. They’re ready to hit the road and perform, night after night.

boost & gain effects

Add volume, overdrive or distortion to your sound—a little sonic
attitude never hurt anyone.

  • Engager Boost
  • MTG Tube Distortion
  • Pugilist Distortion
  • Full Moon Distortion
  • Santa Ana Overdrive
  • The Pelt Fuzz

Starting at $119.99

Modulation Effects

Thicken your tone, or add swirls/wooshes to your sound with
these psychedelic-sounding effects.

  • The Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator
  • Bubbler Analog Chorus
  • Lost Highway Phaser

Starting at $149.99

Time-Based Effects

HELLO, Hello, hello…these effects add dimension and
depth to your tone.

  • Tre-Verb Digital Reverb/Tremolo
  • Marine Layer Reverb
  • Mirror Image Delay

Starting at $169.99

Utility Effects

The foundation of killer tone, these useful effects
smooth out your sound, or make it easy to tame you rig.

  • The Bends Compressor
  • Level Set Buffer

Starting at $109.99

Bass Effects

Designed specifically for basses, these effects are essential
when you’re bringing the thunder.

  • Downtown Express Bass Multi-Effect Pedal

Starting at $249.99