Hammertone™ Overdrive

Model #: 0234571000
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Hammertone™ Overdrive

Whether you're pushing your cranked amp into full-blown distortion or just adding some warmth, grit and character to your clean sound, the Hammertone™ Overdrive is an essential addition to your rig. This compact drive packs a big punch - the pre-gain mid boost adds the perfect edge for cutting through the mix, while the pedal board-friendly top-mounted in & out jacks and true bypass footswitch mean it will integrate seamlessly into your rig.


  • Unique Fender®-Designed Analog Overdrive Circuit
  • Pre-Gain Mid Boost
  • Top Mount Input/Output Jacks
  • True-Bypass Switching
  • Powered by 9-Volt Battery or Center Negative AC Adaptor, Not Included
Original Fender®-designed Overdrive Circuit

Designed by our in-house experts, the Hammertone™ Overdrive is punchy and powerful with an articulate and versatile sound.

Pre-Mid Boost

Dial in extra mids before the gain-stage for extra punch and bite, providing a tighter, more aggressive sound.

Internal Tone Control

The internal trim-pot control allows you to dial down super-high frequencies to tame single-coil pickups and bright amps or simply shape your tone further.

Custom Color “F” Logo Knobs

Paying homage to Fender’s historic custom colors, these “F” logo knobs are easy to read, easy to grip and stand out on stage.

Rugged, Road-worthy Hardware

The rugged aluminum enclosure and metal hardware deliver road-worthy reliability. True bypass switching ensure easy setup and pure tone.

Top-mount Jacks

Top-mounted input and output jacks allow more pedals to be used on the same board, as well as increasing pedal routing options.

  • Input Impedance
    450k ohm
  • Output Impedance
    5k ohm (max)
  • Power Consumption
  • Power Requirements
    9-Volt Battery or Center Negative AC Adaptor (Not Included)