Pure Vintage Piggyback Thumb Screws

Model #: 0990720000

€ 28.49
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Pure Vintage Piggyback Thumb Screws
€ 28.49

Pure Vintage Parts

Many of Fender's Pure Vintage parts are crafted where possible on the same tooling and machinery as our original-era Fender parts. Whether you are personalizing, modifying or restoring, there is no better way to maintain the proud heritage and period-correct accuracy of your classic Fender instrument or amp.


  • Set of two knurled chrome-plated thumb screws used to mount "piggyback"-style amplifier heads to amplfier cabinets
  • Introduced on Blonde and Black Panel-era amplifier heads and cabinets
  • Does not include bushings or clip bars
  • Used on Tone Master® 212, Super-Sonic™ 212 and Super-Sonic 60 speaker enclosures